Our Vision

We strongly believe in the inherent intellectual aptitude of the special ability community and are fundamentally committed to actualizing the full potential of all neuro-atypical brains.

Our Mission

The Empowered Brain Institute is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization established to engage in science, education, and advocacy toward the full realization of human mental potential. We conduct studies and partner with parents, educators, and medical professionals to transform the way cognitive differences are perceived and treated by society.

Our work includes:

  • Generating public awareness campaigns
  • Supporting parents and educators toward meeting high academic expectations
  • Providing skill-based workshops for children and individuals on and off the spectrum
  • Leading research studies that leverage recent advances in science and technology

Our Origin Story

As Brain Power traveled around the country and interacted with individuals across the spectrum and their relatives, we were overcome and humbled by the strength, intelligence, and everyday courage demonstrated by families and communities touched by autism. We also felt truly honored that they would choose to share their world and experiences with us. It was then that we realized, alongside Brain Power’s mission to change the way individuals with autism view the world, we must also work to support the larger movement to change the way the world views individuals with autism. Here’s a video produced by the Brain Power team that begins to identify and illustrate the pain points for parents of children on the spectrum…

Meet the Empowered Brains behind the Institute

Our Team